CLIMAVENETA New i - FX (1+i) Chiller


        A i-FX (1+i) is an innovative screw chiller combining a fixed speed and a variable speed
inverter driven compressor in independent circuits. This solution allows to overcome the limits
traditionally associated with the two technologies, enhancing the benefits of each compressor.
Both of them have exclusively developed for Climaveneta to increase energy.                                                                 
       On one side the new compact screw Climaveneta compressors have high efficiency at full
load  but  above all  have a very  high  efficiency  at  partial  loads;  on  the  other  side  the new
Climaveneta  compact  screw  variable  speed  compressor  has  a  large  speed  range (from
1 to 6 )  and  the  capability to modulate  the internal  Vi  to  the  different conditions,  granting a
perfect  functioning  at  high part load proportion system.  So thanks to the independency of the
circuits,the logics makes that only the better combination of the two compressors work, leading
to  the  highest  efficiency,  providing  a  perfect  stability  on  water  temperature and allowing a
continuous   modulation   from   15%   to   100% 

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