Friga-Bohon is a brand of  HEATCRAFT worldwide refrigeration Europe which  is  provide  perfect  control  of  cooling  production  and management  with  low  Environmental impact, Natural refrigerants,
Reduced sound,  Energy efficiency  for multiple applications  like  supermarket,cold storages,cabinets and display units.A wide choice for all power ratings & multiple selection criteria for a specific capacity  range of the unit cooler for prefect adapted to specific requirements.  


-Unit Coolers (1 - 130)KW
Are suitable for chilling or low temperature storage applications, pre selection of components according to the intended application, easy maintenance, low-noise units for installation in urban areas, fitted with propeller motor fans, aluminium fins, high performance heat exchanger, casing made of white enamelled steel and many basic models of these in door units.
-Condensers (3 - 310)KW
Outdoor units: High performance heat exchanger is manufactured with copper tubes having a grooved internal structure, fitted in a staggered arrangement in the air flow and  corrugated  aluminium  fins,  casing  are  made  of  galvanized  steel  sheet  and composed of RAL 7035  panels,  high performance fan blades give a low sound level with 2 speed motor coupling.
-EUROMON Refrigeration Monoblock (600 - 4500)W, (-20 ---- +32)Co
This is ceiling unit design form of the unit cooler fast and easy to install at the top of the
cold storage rooms. The front cover is composed of to parts to render access to internal
elements of the condensing unit, thus the compressor, condenser fans & re-evaporation
heaters are easier. Is assured by drain pan containing an immersion heater which, contrary
to the discharge gas solution.
-COMPACT Compressor RACKS (22 - 110 ) KW
The COMPACT range has been specially designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s markets, with regard to both reliability and compactness. Equipped with 2,3 or 4 Scroll or Octagon semi-hermetic compressors, these COMPACT units offer capacities from 22 to 110 kw in positive applications and 6 to 35 kw in negative applications.

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