A complete solution in order to emulate all customers expectations upon fundamental values of comfort and energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of each spaces depend upon these systems, as well as the health & well-being of the people who spend their time there, whatever is the purpose-office, residential, commercial centres, hotels, leisure areas.
- Chiller, air source with free-cooling (4.9 - 1818)KW
Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water with semi-hermetic screw
compressors optimized for R134a & R 410a, axial- flow fans, condensing coil
with copper tubes and aluminium fins, shell & tube evaporator & thermostatic
expansion valve.This air-cooled range for use in civil & industrial installations
whenever the need for cooling continues throughout the cold months.
- Chiller, water source (5.5 - 2416)KW
Unit for indoor installation for chilled water with semi-hermetic screw comp-
ressors optimized for R134 a & R 410 a, shell & tube condenser & direct expan-
sion evaporator, electronic expansion valve. Frame inpolyester-painted galvaniz-
ed steel. High efficiency unit up to 5,6.
-Air Handling Unit (AHU) (650-115400m3/h)
Traditional sectors: residential building, airports,banks,shops,hotels and more.
Specific sectors: pharmaceutical, food, hospital,electronic.The unit includes the
controller for the regulation of all the parameters required for the air treatment.
The electrical board is built-in and complete with wiring,while the components
such as 3-way valves, probes, damper motors and humidifiers (optional) are
provided factory mounted and wired.
- Rooftop Packaged Units (6.000 - 56.000 m3/h)
For outdoor installation, reversible & direct expansion for the air condi-
tioning, with scroll compressors running on R410A - R134A, sandwich panel with thickness of 42mm, alminium frame, base made in pre-painted galvanized steel profiles and centrifugal fan section.
- Fan-Coil for professional applications

   with built-in version (1,45-11,9)KW
Are professional to adapt to every
ambients, Low noise centrifugal fan with high pressure for ducted system, 6 - speed auto transformer, air filter on all models, structure in hot galvanised steel for maximum resistance to rust.
- Group regulation devices
To manage the regulation with in a group of hydronic units to management of 2- or 4-pipe systems, with regulation on one water circuit, for chiller or heat pump units & relevant mode change-over.The controller manages up to 8 units with activation logic focused at the balancing of
operation times & achievement of the highest energy efficiency.

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