KARBALA  FRUITS for the storage of fruits and dates in  favor  of  KARBALA   GLOBAL   GROUP , it  was implementation this project on space1200 m2 which consists of six stores with storage quantity 300 tons. It consists of marshalling hall on an area 480 m2 and two office rooms  on an area of 250 m2 and stores for dry materials on an area of 300 m2 and generators room on an area of 150 m2.
The working includes:
1. Civil works.
2. Electrical works ( lightings and control boards ).
3. Steel Structure.
4. Supply and installation of insulation panels for refrigerated    cold stores type (Fire Safe).
5. Supply & installation of cooling devices for the cold stores.
6. Supply and installation of doors and electrical doors for the cold stores and marshaling hall.
7. Cover the flooring stores with epoxy against  bacteria.
8. Supply and installation of fire system.
Installed machines:
 -Compressors: Model: 6DH3R35 MO-FSD.
                           Type: COPELAND ( USA made).
 -Evapurators:   Model: CAB 5467E2.
                           Type: PROFROID ( France made).
 -Condensers:   Model: 2 X 6N36T2000.
                           Type: LUVATA ( Europe made). 


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